In this page I shared some of my cool projects I worked since 2017. The most of this projects can be found in my Github. The projects are listed in a desc order


React-size-hook is a React hook designed to calculate the screen size. It's helpful to identify what kind o device the page is being rendered and conditionally render something based on that info. React-Size-Hook is available as an npm package.


A react project using typescript and GraphQL to track games played by an user. The app is integrated with a public API get the games details. Demo is available here

Blockchain vote app

A blockchain vote app built with Ethereum blockchain and a React front-end

Interactive Credit Card

A react project to learn more about Animations and CSS.

Igor Crypto Token

A crypto currency created using the ethereum blockchain

Philosophy Wikipedia Crawler

A python project using beautiful soup 4 to test the "Getting to philosophy" theory on Wikipedia

Voice assistant

A voice assistant wrote in python with the google TTS API. The assistant was named oracle (from batman) and was able to execute some simple tasks on my computer. I want to revisit in the future and expand as much as I can

Apex Stats Tracer

Simple app made in vue to track the Apex Legends Stats.

Video Chat App

A simple video chat app made to learn how to integrate a React app with the webRTC API and a socket server. Unfortunately, I lost the repository of this project :(

Educast Video Editor

A video editor built with React to a company called Educast. This project was a partnership between IPB and the company to create a video editor to integrate with the company's product.


A simple React project I create to start learning typescript and GraphQl. Nowadays I'm in love with typescript

flappy bird NEAT

This is just a simple NEAT project to make a AI learn to play a flappy bird game

Diretran CM

System developed for the city of campo mourão, paraná, to help city residents obtain their special parking card, a benefit provided by the city to the elderly or physically disabled

Telegram chatbot

A simple telegram chatbot, the bot was able to chat with the user and tell the weather.


A simple CSS library with common styles I was using in all my projects.

Text Adventure Engine

A fun project. This was a text adventure game engine, that process a json containing all the gaming details and let the user play it


This is a package for the manipulation of graphs made with some friends for a class of graphs in my university

UTFPR Inventory Control

A classical inventory control system. This project was created using the MEAR stack and here was when I started learning docker.

Facial Recognition App

Simple application to learn python openCV library. In this project I was able to train a AI to recognize my face over my webcam.

Pokemon Tamagotchi Web

This project was so fun to create. We create a back-end using ruby and a vanilla js front-end. In this game, we were able to raise pokemon and even battle with them.

Guia CM

My first React app. This was a assigned project on my university, and was created using the MERN stack. The goal was to create a city guide to new students.

My House Tasks

This was my first web app ever build, In this project I create a simple MEAN app to manage tasks and shopping list. I used this to manage my house tasks with my roommate.